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Wedding Photographer NSW Australia Karen Parr

Hello and Welcome!


A Little About Me…..

I have a pretty great job and the most amazing clients. I fall in love with every couple I shoot. If I can keep doing this until I’m 60 I will be happy. I would love to go longer but I think my knees will give out from all the squatting. I have a gorgeous 10 year old son and two naughty and needy Maltese/Poodles. Together we are a perfect family. I have a Bachelors Degree In Social Science & Psychology


Things I have learned about myself

I am a perfectionist. I am honest. I am hilarious and sometimes I can be a little stubborn. I have an impeccable eye for style, although you wouldn’t know it to see me most days. I am determined that every couple I photograph loves their photos. I am never afraid to get down and dirty for the perfect shot. I will never take the perfect shot.                                     I’m always dreaming of bigger and better things. 

My Photography

This is my calling. I see the interactions between people, the important ones, and I catch them. I am fascinated by the expressions of love and joy a couple share, and these are what I aim to shoot. I am somewhat journalistic in style. I prefer to stand back and let the day unfold in front of me where ever possible, because natural is always best. I take my work and my reputation as a photographer very seriously, but I always have fun when shooting.                                                       Life is too short to waste time not having fun. 



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New England Mid-North Coast Wedding Photography

The love of my life - My Son.